Relationships of the Heart


If our works are not good enough to earn righteousness before belief in Jesus, how are they suddenly good enough after?

God is after our heart. He has always been. Adam & Eve had that unspoiled relationship with God before sin. They walked together with God in the cool of the day…God was with them. Sin split that relationship apart devastatingly and left man with a severe defect from his heart outward. The Law of God was given to help godless men focus their behaviors so they could be primed to relate to God and to one another. Following the Law would prove impossible. Why? How hard can it possibly be to follow a few rules? Impossibly hard.

The problem doesn’t lie with the Laws, rather it lies in the heart of man. Sin has so disfigured our hearts that even our good deeds aren’t good. Suppose every Law was kept by someone. Would they have achieved salvation through perfect obedience to the Law? I would say no. Because in God’s eyes, it’s not about the Laws themselves, rather it’s about the relationship. Even someone who perfectly kept all the Laws would not be deemed righteous, because the heart of all men is twisted against God. It’s the heart that is impure, even though the outward deeds are perfectly performed. No righteousness can come from a heart that is hostile to God. That is why the rich young ruler who said he had kept all the Laws was challenged to do something not written in the Law…but it was something that revealed the actual condition of his heart–turned against God.

Galatians 2:21
“I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly.”

Doing good deeds before a saving belief in Jesus does nothing to earn God’s salvation or approval. After someone has believed, they have something put within them…the righteousness of Christ.

Philippians 3:9
“and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith,”

Once someone believes in Jesus, their righteousness is only on the basis of Jesus’ righteousness, not anything they can do. If our good works weren’t good enough to earn God’s approval before saving faith, how could they suddenly be good enough to earn his favor or rewards? They can’t. We are found in Him. Our righteousness can only come from Him. Nothing we do is good enough because, while we’re in the body, we struggle against our sin nature. We have been given a new nature, a living spirit now made alive with Christ.

Romans 8:10
If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness.

We now have a relationship which is allowed only because we’ve been made righteous by Jesus, not because we can now do right.

So what of good works? If none of our works are righteous, why are we compelled to do them or why does it matter?

From within the restored relationship, where our new nature identifies us as children of God, we are already in the correct position. There is no method, form, or law required to relate to God; we are already rightly related, spirit to spirit, deep to deep, heart to heart THROUGH Jesus.

But what happens is, because there is a new nature, the deeds we do are Christ working through us…His righteousness being manifested, not by our wonderful GOOD choice, but because His righteousness at work in us is automatically righteous. We are not doing something we SHOULD and are therefore right before God; we have been MADE something new & righteous and out of that new nature comes righteous deeds. But the deeds are only righteous because they come out of the new, sinless nature which is none other than this: “Christ in us, the hope if Glory!”

“To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”
Colossians 1:27

And once again, Philippians 3:9:
“and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith,”


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  1. I just came across this blog. So hi!

    In the third paragraph you ask if the law was kept perfectly would they achieve salvation and you say no. Which I agree with.

    That in mind (that we agree), I can’t find a single shred of evidence anywhere that the law ever could or was meant for salvation? No one was ever saved by the law, but it’s kept as best we can because we love God.

  2. Hi Matt! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we do agree that the Law could never not was never meant for salvation. However, many people believe it could. Or that if it could be kept better, it makes one righteous, or at least more righteous. There are *countless* scriptures (several included in the “Relationships of the Heart” article) that explain how righteousness is not attained by law keeping. A lot of law keepers believe God credits them with righteousness when they keep the law. Not salvation, but righteousness. The simple fact according to scripture is that righteousness is only found in Jesus, not in keeping laws. The whole poppies of the laws were to prime us for Jesus. To show us how pathetic our sin natures are & how set against God we are.

    • Sweetie

      God’s Law was never meant for Salvation it was just meant to be obeyed because by following the instructions God gave His Creation we stay out of the hands of Satan like Jesus. It also means we as believers lead different lives to good Hindus, Moslems or Atheists or any other nation for that matter. Jer 31:31 proves how good God’s Instructions for life were & are wonderful and perfect enough to be gifted to every believer so we are no longer under the Law of Sin and can perform them as the Law of Life by the Grace supplied to us because when we believe on Christ and are baptised God gives us the New Covenant Jer 31:31 a new heart with His Torah written on it. The only problem with the Torah of God has always been man’s carnal heart that chooses from the tree of good & evil to do what he desires of each of both of those instead of just obedience to the Tree of Life which is God’s instructions. Because of our fallen nature rebellion toward God shows up in choosing & making our own instructions up so we have 35,000 or so denominations all doing different things saying “we are right” as well as Judaism. We are meant to be ONE new man ..neither Greek or Jew…

      As the New Creation we have The Holy Spirit to helps us perform the Torah commandments which are spiritual, just and holy according to both new & old Testaments. When we do them we maintain the Life Christ lived and keep out of sin cause in 1 John the explanation of what sin is = breaking of God’s commands. Just as loving God is keeping His commandments. Also if you dice the Prophets & Torah you go against what Christ taught us to follow.

      What was nailed to the cross are dogmas in the greek or ordinances in english Ephesians 2:15-16 which are manmade ecclesiastic, civil laws etc when you look up a lexicon. These ordinances that had been attached to but were not the NOMOS which is the Law of Moses given by God not man in scripture.

      Jesus openly opposed the Pharisees who made the Law a burden for people to keep and also Jesus opposed these dogmas when they taught against God’s instructions called Torah. These God breathed Spiritual Instructions are given to us from God himself and Jesus tells us in Mat 5:17-19 to keep hold of them and do it as he did. Jesus said himself he did not come to do away with the Law or the Prophets but to fulfil. Fulfil then, cannot mean ‘do away with’ as some teach! The greek is pleroo o’ and can mean fill up or fully preach. Paul tells us that gentile believers are grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel in Christ in Ephesians 2:11-12 but before being born again we had no hope of God or the covenants.

      Check it out and see for yourself and then maybe read psalm 119. I do hope you can grasp this because when you do all the Gospels can be reconciled and the places where Pastors tell us the food laws etc are done away with can be shown to be gross misunderstandings because of a faulty paradigm.

      Lots of Love in Truth to serve all His Creation
      Be a wise virgin & live God’s Laws which are light and a lamp unto our feet. Don’t live man’s laws which lead to destruction when they tell us to worship in false ways and using false days. Look up Abihu & Nadab and see what happened to them worshipping God in their own way on their own day Lev 10:1-7.

      ACTS 10 about Peter’s vision and Cornelius is about a dogma that Christ nailed to the cross & taught Peter to overcome so Greek & Gentile could be one new man and the Kingdom of God could be preached to ALL. Verse 28 Peter tells us the explanation of the instruction he received. It is not about food laws changing.

      There is heaps to learn about the translation of greek & hebrew & what nuances we miss out on as well as where we have been directed up a dead end which has the false Messiah whom Jesus said was a man of lawlessness.

      Good night my dear

  3. Hi Leah

    I have found faith has 2 sides .

    Faith in Christ washes us clean of sin & then there is the physical response of love according to the Father’s desire which is Torah according to Christ. Love toward Him & toward our neighbours. As Christ said on these 2 commands hang ALL the Torah & the Prophets. The basic 2 commandments are explained in greater detail in the OT so we don’t have to guess what is good, just & holy for day to day . Year to year.

    Please think carefully as not all has been fulfilled. Christ in Revelations says the New Heaven & the New Earth don’t come into being until His return after He puts all the enemies of God under His feet.
    There are heaps of prophecies to be completed but they are happening at a fast pace so some believe.

    Don’t know how old you are but I am in my 50’s & when I was growing up no preacher was homosexual & no homosexual marriages were done in churches but if you throw away the rule book which is given by the Father the Bible warns us that people start calling what is evil good & what is good evil. Abortions. Same sex marriages. Living together before marriage. Adultery. All these things are written about in the OT. The Apostles only taught what Y’shua taught & lived & Y’shua only taught what the Father told Him. There is no discrepancy just twisted instructions from false Messiah’s who are not learned in the Words of the OT enough to give a real grab of it to the pew sitter. There isn’t a difference in how we are meant to live for the most part excepting the sacrificial/judicial system & without a Temple we just keep the worship days with the sacrifices of our lips being praise & thanksgiving in our communities or families or on our own to draw near in worship. We are given the chance to be grafted in to the Commonwealth of Israel & don’t die on the testimony of 2/3 witnesses & can receive ongoing forgiveness for genuine error that we repent of as we go from milk to meat.

    The Father told us in Torah instructions there would be a new thing in the OT & that He would write His Torah/ OT on our hearts as the circumcision (instructions for true holiness.) Jer 31:31That is what Paul understood & preached that the physical cut wasn’t required as the approval of the heart of the NEW Believer by God was the effective symbol of being grafted into obedience by receiving the Set Apart Spirit with God’s instructions in the process of being written on it. From milk to the meat of the Word. Do you remember the walk to Emmaus by some of the disciples after Christ’s crucifiction?…Christ met them on the road & they didn’t recognise Him & whilst they walked together this stranger opened their minds to the Scriptures.

    May He open your mind to the GRACE in Torah which is called the Tree of Life when you follow it. The tree of the knowledge of good & evil is our own choice the TREE of Life is Torah. God’s wisdom given to man who eventually was given to us in the FLESH as Messiah!

    The Circumcision which the NEW Jewish believers in CHRIST received first at Pentecost/ Feast of Weeks (because they were where they were God commanded /instructed faithful people to be worshipping & Believed in Y’shua Messiah too. This happened to the GENTILES coming into the Faith later which absolutely astonished the Jewish disciples & Apostles.

    God said that the sacrifices of animals in parts of the OT etc weren’t His desire & that true religion was to look after widows & the poor & the orphan & to walk justly & do righteousness not Hypocritically(acting) like the Pharisees who taught the Law but continued to break the important ones like justice as they were lifting up their man made laws above God’s & greedy for wealth & power.

    This means it is no use to worship by the letter because you are not renewed by doing that & are only trying to prove your own righteousness ( good luck!!!) outwardly if your heart is not in the right place first to receive the circumcision of God & do the works He made us to do before we were born. His works of Righteousness which include the days the Father set apart for us to rest & Worship instead of ones made up by men & filled with pagan traditions that anger Him & keep us from the knowledge of deeper truth in how He desires to be loved.

    Please remember Christ is the Word of God made flesh.

    King David had the anointing of the Spirit & so did the prophets & judges. We are more fortunate in the better covenant as after Christ’s resurrection & ascension as all of us have the Spirit poured abundantly upon us. NOT to continue to sin though but to learn the ancient paths that set us apart from the ways of the World.

    Throwing out the Law in ignorance has allowed many to come in Christ’s name but teach a walk He did not live like & make up their own Holy Days & traditions that go against what God asked us to do as His chosen people grafted into Israel. It is the warning for the Wise virgins & foolish Virgins. Oil in Scripture represents Holiness = Set Apart from the World whilst still in it. If you practise Easter you are practising a fertility rite of paganism white washed by the Doctrines of Men saying it is Christ. Christ kept Passover ..that was His example to us.

    The Faith of Abraham is simply that he believed God & THEN did what God asked next & it was counted to Abraham as righteousness. There are 2 righteousness’s in action for a believer in Christ. The washing of the blood salvation & then the walk of Sanctification which is walking as best as possible without sin & asking for forgiveness and strength in the Spirit daily as we fid out more about what God said He defined as the way of blessing that leads to Life Eternal.

    We can only fully respond to the invitation to “repent for the Kingdom of God is here” by God’s grace to hear it. Other wise we stay blind & deaf to the depth of our woeful state in comparison to what is good & holy. Paul says the Law defines Sin but we should not do away with but rather uphold it. If we say the Law is done away with we miss the truth of it being the only thing that defines sin.

    Hope this helps a bit. I know you earnestly believe 119 has it wrong but so did I until I researched it all out.

    Love in Christ.

  4. I believe that it’s not that difficult. It’s so simple, a child can understand. Follow God’s law… The 10 Commandments… As well as all his teachings Ie; you must read the Bible and truly love Jesus in your heart and treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s really pretty simple. And since we all are sinners, sincerely repent with all your heart when you find yourself sinning. I love and respect Him, but I also fear Him. He is my Lord and Savior.

    • Hello
      All the difficulties people have with the controversy about ‘being obedient’ after salvation come down to ignorance of the truth of scripture that comes about from translations into English & many other languages that were initially compiled by men who had been ‘instructed’ in a certain belief stance that was unable to investigate or promote accurately a racial group separated from all other nations by God himself to serve God according to God’s instructions…LAW..
      The Hebrew writers’ ideology is God given and not pure if any of the generations of mankind try to make Scripture conform to their belief systems and this lack of sympatico has led to a gross misalignment of what Christ said about the Law of God being applicable ’till ALL heaven & earth pass away. This leads to confusing as to what was nailed to the Cross as being God’ Laws instead of the Doctrines of men which opposed God’s perfect Law.

      Christ himself openly opposed these manmade laws as he walked in God’s Truth to oppose the darkness of men’s doctrines erroneously being used in the controlling of God’s people from whatever people group they were initially from. The gospels refer to these manmade laws that oppose God’s Laws as the doctrines of demons; no matter what the source of them seemed to be in the fleshly realm.

      All who are God’s through accepting forgiveness and repenting of sin believing in Christ automatically as default have chosen to follow God’s choices for them. You enter the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore ought to abide by Heaven’s decrees for man or Christ will say get away from me I never knew you. Each day should be a day of coming closer to the walk of truth which Christ walked… that being doing His Fathers words …the commandments from a right heart attitude of a servant to the requests of His Father.

      Simple and beautiful and the burden is light according to Christ but Satan has always wanted us not to listen to God so we lose out! Paul says the Law is Spiritual and those in the flesh oppose it…
      The question for each Christian is to ask himself. Am I a Spiritual New Creation or am I going to stay as the Old fleshly man and refuse the Grace of transformation from the Spirit of God because of false doctrine.

      Love in Truth

  5. I believe that it’s not that difficult. It’s so simple, a child can understand. Follow God’s law… The 10 Commandments… As well as all his teachings Ie; you must read the Bible and truly love Jesus in your heart and treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s really pretty simple. And since we all are sinners, sincerely repent with all your heart when you find yourself sinning. I love and respect Him, but I also fear Him. He is my Lord and Savior.
    God Bless All,

    • Justo more quick thought. Should To love God with ALL your heart be according to how you want to show love or how God wants you to show love toward Him? The Israelites at the base of Mt Sinai were worshipping the God who brought them out of Egypt using an idol which God had told them not to do (no idolatry) as He had already said do not worship me in the ways thatt other nations worship their gods. This is why God’s instructions are important to know …we can be sinning in ignorance because we don’t know how God desires to be shown love and worship.


  6. Please look @ 119 ministries and see if you can agree with what the difference is between the Law of God & the Law of Moses video it is a real eye opener to what Christ talked about in the Greatest two commandments. Yes it is very simple ….the answer but it is also reliant on Scripture to guide us into truth as the Scripture is God breathed which means it is Spirit and not just any Spirit but the Holy Spirit which is meant to lead us into all truth..We go from milk to meat.
    Lots of Love in seeking and doing God’s will.

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