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Cursed, But Covered by Grace?


119 Ministries Quotes are in BLUE.  Mine are in BLACK.

“I will attempt to show that this apathy and emptiness is a result of the practices of the modern church which are in direct contradiction with scripture, and as a result; the Church is reaping a Curse.” -from Blessed or Cursed?

“By adopting a “grace only” doctrine, the church has forsaken the warnings throughout scripture and is
reaping the curse.” -from Blessed or Cursed?


“Y’shua dying on the cross abolished the curse that resulted from our disobedience to God’s law.” -from Grace, Faith and Obedience – How Do They All Work Together?

“When we keep God’s law, we still receive the blessings as originally prescribed, but not the curse of the second death when we fail. When we fail, it is covered under grace through the work on the cross. When we are obedient, we still receive the blessings.” -from Grace, Faith, and Obedience – How Do They All Work Together?

The Church is reaping a curse, but in the midst of her failure, she is covered by grace and the curse is no longer valid? Hmmm.  You cannot have the curse abolished by Jesus and yet have it still applicable under the Law.

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