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Word of God II


John 1:1
Why is it, in the beginning was the Word, then the Word is with God, then the Word was God, then skip ALL the law and prophets and Torah, which would be a perfect place to identify the living Word as being interchangeable with Law and Torah, and concluding with the Word became flesh.

Maybe there’s a difference in the written Scriptures and the living Word.
Just like my words are a part of me and communicate part of who I am, they cannot be a substitute for me, the person.

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful…”

It doesn’t say all Scripture IS God. No, it doesn’t, no matter how much that is desirable. It says what it means. Because the truth is that Scripture is God-breathed, but not God-incarnate.

The written Scripture, which is not equal with God nor entirely the embodiment of God, is inspired by God and is useful…similar to the definition of Torah as useful.

What about “the Word of God is living & active…”?

The word “Word” and the word “Scripture” are not the same. “Word” is “logos” and “Scripture” is “graphe”.

The word that is living and active is the same word that was in the beginning, with God, and was God. And all written Scripture was inspired by the living God-Word.

Unless we know the Living Word, we can read written Torah and Law all day long and never find the living Word. The indwelling Holy Spirit has a role of teaching. Teaching what? “All that I [Jesus] commanded you.” Not all that Moses gave. Jesus himself speaks of a new command, a new covenant, a new wine skin. And a Teacher/Comforter who will be the authority on writing those new things on our regenerated hearts.

Even John’s gospel separates Jesus’ work from Moses: “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” -John 1:17

The WORD which IS God is simply not the Scripture which is inspired by Him. Scripture is inspired by God & useful; the Word is God & is ALIVE.